It's quite a bit in the distance, with a trip already planned in between, but it looks like I'll be headed to Portland for a few days, and then to Vegas for a few more in late August. The reason for trips to both cities is because I have a $200 credit on Alaska Air, along with a companion ticket for $100. My original intent was to leave from JFK, and fly direct to Vegas, but Alaska will be discontinuing direct flights. So in order to use my credit and fly Alaska to Vegas, I first must stop in Portland (although LA and San Fran were also options). So I decided since Portland was on my list, I would stay a few days (fly in Wednesday/out Sat), then fly to Vegas (flying out the following Wednesday, direct, on another airline). I've tentatively booked stays at the Kimpton Monaco in Portland, and the Palazzo. I did communicate with the Palazzo about them making any necessary accommodations re: the bed/lift.

I understand accessibility in Portland is quite good, but would I need a van to visit the falls and surrounding areas?

Are the amount of days in each location adequate (I know more is always better)?