C5 here.
I have been looking around for a new Shower Chair for a long time now.
I have read plenty of threads on this forum but I think I'll be going with nuprodx multichair 4024 since it looks like it's the most decent chair around, I am still looking for opinions.
If you guys do your bowel care in the chair do you have the access from the front back or the side?
Do you guys have a custom cushion? If you own one of the nuprodx chairs what kind of options did you choose?

My buddy is a dealer and I have picked all the options that I need and here's what he wrote.
"In regards to the drop rail: the 4024 model will receive a drop bar instead of a drop rail. With the drop bar, a part of the frame is omitted (so you don?t have to reach around the frame, which is how you get the extra access) and a drop bar is attached to the legs on the side that has part of the frame omitted (this stabilizes the unit in order to make up for the portion of the missing frame). It is done this way because the big wheels cause the frame to flex whenever the big wheels are going over a threshold, or when they hit an object/wall. I have attached a picture of a unit that has a drop bar (the yellow arrows are pointing to where the portion of the frame has been omitted, and the blue arrow is pointing to the drop bar). The model shown in the picture is different than the one you are getting, but it should give you an idea of how the drop bar functions and what your chair will look like with it mounted.
In regards to your questions about our standard cushions: Our standard cushions are made from a high quality foam that is hand wrapped in Naugahyde (leather-like material). They are about 2? thick and are fairly soft. We have an upgrade option to which you can add a layer of gel to the seat cushion. The gel helps to distribute the weight across the cushion and helps to reduce/prevent pressure sores (I included this on the quote so you can see the costs, let me know and I can remove it if you like)."

Here are the options that I chose.

allows 4? of clear front or side access without the cushion or frame getting in the way (SPECIFY ORIENTATION - LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT, BACK) - RIGHT

Includes 12" x 14" x 6" pan, aluminum u-channel rails, stainless mounting hardware.

Used with commode pan E1, mounting hardware lowers pan 4" to provide access between frame and pan

Seamless padded self-skinning cushion, provides lateral stability

2" side hook and loop closure