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Thread: Chair creaking/cracking

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    Chair creaking/cracking

    This is starting to be annoying, and seemingly growing worse. Brand new aluminum (maybe that's why?) Ki Rogue, when I turn in place, the right side by the axles are making creaking sounds, and pops that I can feel. Is this normal? It's been awhile since I've had other than titanium. It's so loud! They have shifted the COG a few times, maybe it's slightly off? Anyone have any idea?

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    Pluck the spokes to see if they are tight. Check every nut and bolt on the chair to see if anything loosened up. Call Ki they are pretty good guys.

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    I am still waiting weeks later, for the DME to rectify my caster fork issue. The creaking and cracking has worsened. It's so annoying. And there's a weird sound from the "good" caster fork, that sounds like a tension creak. Hard to explain. But the spokes are all good and tight. I think axles because I can feel it popping when I turn and move. I'm worried they're not going to do anything, as usual, what it looks like is that I'm being seen as a pain in the ass. I can't be the only one that has issues with a brand new chair...?

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    If you only hear it when you turn in place, it sounds to me like a caster steering bearing, namely a horizontal bearing.
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    No I hear it a lot of the time. Backing up, turning, just turning in place makes several loud ones. The fork stops making noise when I put bike lube on it, of course. But it sounds like a spring being strained. IDK, trying to get the darn DME to email or call back. It's been two weeks. I'm going for Frog Legs carbon. These single sided ones are just not good for me. As for the cracking, the one thing messed with the most is COG. They have marks to eyeball each side, and I bet if it's just a tad off, it's gonna make noises. I've had titanium, maybe this is just how aluminum is...?
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