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Thread: Tilite Paint Issue?

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    Tilite Paint Issue?

    Hello All,
    I have been in my chair since early June and for the most part it has been great. With that said the paint on the frame is starting to flake off on the top of the tubes that go down to the foot rest/casters. This is happening right at the tops of the tube where the bends are. The paint is not scratched but it is more like the tubes were not well prepared and the paint is loosing adhesion and bubbling and then flaking off.

    I understand that chairs live hard lives and will not look new forever but I am surprised that this is happening after 4 months. Anyone else experience this?

    I will get some pictures up this evening.


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    My TiLite is missing a lot of paint, but only from where I’ve dropped/scraped/thrown/crashed/bumped/dragged it. This doesn’t sound normal to me.

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    Is there some type of warranty on the paint job? Have you been in touch with the company customer service dept.?

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