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Thread: Going in for Carpal tunnel release

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    I'm so glad to hear your news, Patrick!
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Good news! Thanks for the update Patrick!

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    That's excellent news. Good to hear! You said you had nerve transit studies and your ulnar is dead? Mine has been affected for a year. Last two fingers numb and sometimes spasms.
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    Yep, that's what the doc said Lynnifer.Since the op., the two fingers from the Ulnar seems to be a little more active and less numb. Daoc was saying a Ulnar nerve surgery is not possible due to the rehab time and uncertainty the nerve ends would connect properly.

    This carpal release still blows my mind by the time it took for the procedure (8 min) and how early I can resume what i want to do. It wasn't that long ago it was a 6-8 week recoup with months of rehab. Went and sang ata gig today with no pain what so ever, can't say the same for the residents. the wrap comes off Thursday so should be able to get back to playing the instruments again.

    I found doing self massage on the heel of the hand helped with the ulnar movement. Hope you get it checked out girl.

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    This is really great to hear Patrick. Thanks for sharing.

    Can you tell us a little bit how you chose your surgeon, and why the recovery time was so short?

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    I chose the surgeon because he's a certified hand, neuro and plastic surgeon. He did the surgery on my bum also and found him very dedicated to his patients. He would visit the assisted living facility when I was there to heal. It blew the staff away a plastic surgeon made the effort to visit there. He was treated like a long lost god when he came. I was treated very well with their knowing a Doc was inspecting their facility for future patients of his.

    The surgery and recovery was short because of the new advances in techniques. If he had to do an open palm operation, was possible once he went in, the recovery would have been at least 6-8 weeks. He mentioned since my wrists were so large, probably from handcycling, he had plenty of room to do his thing and not worry about nicking the nerve.

    Tomorrow I take off the wrap and am free to do what I want unrestricted. I'll take it easy until I get the stitches out though. The hand feels much warmer with strength, I think, coming back. Will know once I take the wrap off.

    I'm glad I waited this long to do it even though it may have cost me my ulnar nerve function. I doubt it is dead dead as I can still move the pinky and ring finger freely and since the may have gotten a bit more feeling. Last time a surgeon wanted to do the shoulder, elbow, wrist and carpal at the same time. And, "since we're at it, may as well do both arms at the same time because you'll be laid up in assisted living for a couple months." That was twenty years ago. Instead, I used a chiropractor, masseuse and a trainer who thought outside the box with great results.. If this works as expected will have the left done next.

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