Oct. 8th, I'm going in for an Endoscopy Carpal tunnel release surgery. The doc said it's a simple in/out surgery and I should be able to use it fairly quickly. Like most docs, I have a suspicion he's not aware how much effort we put on our shoulders and arms.

I avoided the surgery for years but after having a nerve conduction test and finding out the ulnar nerve is dead and the carpal is not far behind, it was time to do it. the left hand is also starting to be affected. I'm a bluegrass flatpicker in a group as well as a uke player in a couple uke groups so the thought of losing use of my hands is driving me to the point of distraction. The right pinky and ring fingers have already lost strength and gone numb.

So what's the deal with dealing with this after surgery. I imagine I won't be able to pull myself up the van ramp on occasions anymore. What about transfers; how early? We've dug out a Molift I've had for a couple years but never used in case we'll need it. I also have a ZX-1 that I only used around the property. I imagine I'll need to start using it when I go to town now also. 45 years in the chair so I'm not complaining but getting to the point of getting tired of the bs and just letting go.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.