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Thread: Transferring after hysterectomy

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    18fr over inflated. Used crede/valsalva before so I believe I'm damaged. Bladder shrunk to less than 50ml as well.
    Wow, that sounds unworkable. One of the reasons why I'm having my uterus removed is to make way for a future bladder augmentation (ie when they attach a piece of bowel to the bladder to increase the capacity). I've been stalling on this procedure for a long time, it's pretty prehistoric. I'm only considering it as I developed antibodies to botox - which previously worked very well.

    Do you have a good urologist? 50ml is no way to live.

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    Here is an update for any future readers. Transferring after 1 day of bed rest was fine, I didn't need hoisting or a slide board. The advice from Smashms to take pain meds was very good advice, as my legs had some severe spasticity and spasms without it. Tramadol worked a treat for this. I spent 2 nights in hospital (I was passing out when I got up on the morning after the surgery, I think this was due to low blood pressure after the anaesthesia, but by that night I was ok). Day 3 and I am home. I am using an indwelling catheter for a few days so I can limit the number of transfers that I'm making. Ultimately I feel like the experience went very smoothly, and beyond the catheter, there wasn't much difference in treatment between me and an able bod.

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    all great news yes your spasms will increase due most likely to pain. glad recovery is going well so far.
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    That's great news! And, I might add that having my hysterectomy was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had mine done 7 months before my accident but not having to deal with the monthly thing was a blessing-plus I physically felt much better. A nurse friend told me that having those fibroids in there were sapping my health! I hope that you find you have more energy as well

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