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Thread: Upgraded Microsoft Office, now have voice recognition problems

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    Upgraded Microsoft Office, now have voice recognition problems

    I just upgraded to Microsoft Office 365, the 2016 version. Doing so greatly reduced the functionality of the voice recognition program when using Internet Explorer 11. It no longer recognizes the majority of links. I have the same problem with Firefox, and it will not work at all with the Google Chrome browser

    I am using Windows 7 and windows built in voice recognition program. Other than a system upgrade, anyone have any suggestions?

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    I gave up on the upgrade. Windows Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported and after exhausted search of the internet I found no solutions. Surprisingly, after reinstalling Office 2003 it is working better than before. The bug that was causing Word to lock up when using voice recognition disappeared. My version of the Windows 7 is supported until 2020. Looks like I can wait until then the for the operating system upgrade.

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