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Thread: Ricon KlearVue Adjustments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP2013 View Post
    Mr. West, Gave it a try and same it Deployed not lower(Down).
    Released door to be able reach lift tower.
    ***Used your 'simple test' using screw driver pushing on switch blade and it started down while holding Down button.

    Moved back and used Down button to reach ground.
    Loaded no problem.
    Re-adjusted Out Cut Off Screw til it jogged to slightly below level to floor of van.
    Cycled through whole Deploy, down/up and Stow functions 3 or 4 times with no problem.
    Great. This verifies that the limit switch works and just needed adjustment.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP2013 View Post
    Took a drive on rough road got home it would:
    Deploy but not do anything when hit "Down" button.
    Adjusted Out CutOff Screw and started working.

    **Might over done not level with floor adjusting cause had to push the UP button on Pendant before Stow button worked.

    So is this what I think I need to do: More adjusting on Out CutOff screw, then push on plastic collar behind screw and keep at it til get it right? Test drive between attempts to make sure 'tight' enough not to mess up after driving on rough road?
    I agree. Maybe you're concerned about cracking the plastic housing so you're not tightening it enough. Give it some extra tightening.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeP2013 View Post
    Sorry that keep bothering you. But, this has been more helpful than shop, company video or the manual.
    No problem. Glad you have it working better.

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    "Thank you!" Hoping I'll be up to tackling again in the morning. At least now cover is left off the tower, so can go get groceries without worrying about a good samaritan to let lift down manually.
    "Thank you!"

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    Once you get the limit switches well adjusted and well tightened, you should have no problems indefinitely. Good luck!

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    "Thanks!" Went out and started at scratch setting both adjustment screws and pushing hard while tightening. Worked well afterwards.
    Then tackled the rollers on top lowering them til when Stowed the roller were in good contact. It's been sticking out hitting door since last serviced at shop. The outer roll-gate is now stowed well against platform.
    Took van for drive and got home cycled through everything several times with no problems!
    Fingers crossed that it is a success!
    Still no clicks when Stowing. But, not messed with the Pressure Control, think to high since no cliks and motor still runs when in Stowed position.
    But, I was worn out and neighbor suggested let's give it a few days to be sure not going act up anymore before go to other problem. And we left tower cover off, just in case.
    Mr. West, Again, "Thank you!"

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