Lift and van is old, 15 years old.
Have had van is several times for same problem. Off and on deal that lift either not deploy or would deploy but not lower.
I understand this is one sided so will try stick with facts.
!. Get a appointment, now national company owns old shop. Takes weeks get appointment.
2. They diagnosis problem. Usually at least all but once required parts they had to order, no time to do that day due to other appointments or lift did not have any issues when they checked it.
3. After $800 plus dollars and 3 visits I decided enough.
Read Installation Manual about Limit Switches since felt that was problem.
4. Got assistance to take tower cover off and adjusted limit switches. Worked fine for over 2 months til yesterday. Deployed but would not lower(We were in town). Had get guy to get in use manual down pump release. Then lift powered self up/stowed and worked fine when got home.

1. Could limit switches need fine tuned?
2. Could the pressure switch be problem? No clicks at all when stowed and outer rollgate does not lock in place in stowed position? Understand by Install Manual should have 1 to 2 clicks normally and no click means to high pressure. My lift's age, none of Pressure Switches found in Manual or online look like mine but narrowed down to one or two possible solenoid in spot pressure adjustment is suppose to be at: one with hex screws must be one cause Manual says remove hex screw to adjust pressure and other cylinder by that one is held on by bolt with a nut.
3. Could the Cam that controls Fold Out or Lower Cam have a blank space on Actuator?
If so I've not read up on adjustments to it. But figure like Limit Switches need adjust screws? Would be either or both Fold Out, Dower Cam Actuators or need both adjusted?

Any ideals or thoughts?
Check Ricon they had a Truck Service place that suppose be able do service close by but called and took them awhile to find out that they actually do service lifts. Also, I would need bring van to leave it to be worked into workload. I only have one lift van and live rural area, so want avoid that if possible since be without van for unknown amount of time and need transportation home then back for van.
Open to ideas on repairs?

Hope this makes sense.