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Thread: Ricon KlearVue Adjustments?

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    Ricon KlearVue Adjustments?

    Lift and van is old, 15 years old.
    Have had van is several times for same problem. Off and on deal that lift either not deploy or would deploy but not lower.
    I understand this is one sided so will try stick with facts.
    !. Get a appointment, now national company owns old shop. Takes weeks get appointment.
    2. They diagnosis problem. Usually at least all but once required parts they had to order, no time to do that day due to other appointments or lift did not have any issues when they checked it.
    3. After $800 plus dollars and 3 visits I decided enough.
    Read Installation Manual about Limit Switches since felt that was problem.
    4. Got assistance to take tower cover off and adjusted limit switches. Worked fine for over 2 months til yesterday. Deployed but would not lower(We were in town). Had get guy to get in use manual down pump release. Then lift powered self up/stowed and worked fine when got home.

    1. Could limit switches need fine tuned?
    2. Could the pressure switch be problem? No clicks at all when stowed and outer rollgate does not lock in place in stowed position? Understand by Install Manual should have 1 to 2 clicks normally and no click means to high pressure. My lift's age, none of Pressure Switches found in Manual or online look like mine but narrowed down to one or two possible solenoid in spot pressure adjustment is suppose to be at: one with hex screws must be one cause Manual says remove hex screw to adjust pressure and other cylinder by that one is held on by bolt with a nut.
    3. Could the Cam that controls Fold Out or Lower Cam have a blank space on Actuator?
    If so I've not read up on adjustments to it. But figure like Limit Switches need adjust screws? Would be either or both Fold Out, Dower Cam Actuators or need both adjusted?

    Any ideals or thoughts?
    Check Ricon they had a Truck Service place that suppose be able do service close by but called and took them awhile to find out that they actually do service lifts. Also, I would need bring van to leave it to be worked into workload. I only have one lift van and live rural area, so want avoid that if possible since be without van for unknown amount of time and need transportation home then back for van.
    Open to ideas on repairs?

    Hope this makes sense.

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    If adjusting the limit switches fixed the problem for a while and then it came back, then maybe they weren't tightened enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    If adjusting the limit switches fixed the problem for a while and then it came back, then maybe they weren't tightened enough.
    OK, so you would suggest just re-adjusting the Limit switches for Deploy and be sure to adjust Deploy right below the Up Cutoff(just slight tilt below floor level of van)?

    This was my first attempt, old shop Tech worked on lift it was fixed. I've never even attempted any of this before and be honest little concerned of being like Wylie Coyote and roll out and hang in air a second or two before dropping to ground to catch up with lift platform as the Road Runner goes "Beep Beep" then runs off!

    Sorry, just want to be sure. I need to travel to city for doctor appointment next week and hope it's working correctly beforehand.

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    This happened to me. When I first got the van, I adjusted all the limit switches just to educate myself. It worked fine for a few days and then failed. Problem was that I hadn't tightened the limit switches enough. One of them moved enough to where it wouldn't toggle. Simple fix. Just realign and tighten.

    You don't want to over tighten if it's plastic because it may crack. But you want to tighten enough so it won't move. I can't describe over the internet how much is good enough. Rule of thumb is tighten to the point where you think it won't move anymore. Then tighten another 1/4 turn.

    You don't have to worry too much about cracking these limit switches. They are plastic. But they can take a good amount of pressure.

    Good idea to keep some limit switches available. Here is a link to where I bought some.

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    Yeah. That's it. If the lift won't lower, that indicates that relay logic thinks (incorrectly) that the lift is not fully deployed. Hence, the limit switch that toggles when the lift is fully deployed needs adjustment.

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    Mr. West, "Thank you!", especially for the link.
    I know when started to adjust first time done according to manual. Turn screws 6 to 8 turns and push the block behind screw to compress spring. What a surprise with Up Cutout, went way up heading towards Stow. So started the reverse turning of screw til flat with floor. Don't know which one of us was most worried we'd messed up reading instructions.
    But it worked great for about two months using it and actually getting back to normal routine instead cycle, cycle and repeat til could get loaded so only used when HAD" to go somewhere..
    Neighbor goes to college football games so be Sun before get to try re-adjustment.
    Again, "Thank you!"

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    If none of this works, then the problem has to be faulty wiring. This is where it gets complicated. But don't worry. Let me know and I'll walk you through it.

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    You are welcome. Here is a simple test.

    Step 1 - Press the "Lift-Deploy" button to deploy the lift.
    Step 2 - Press the "lift-down" button. The lift should go down. But if it doesn't then go to step 3.
    Step 3 - Press the "lift-down" button while holding down the lever on the "lift-fully-deployed" limit switch. If this makes the lift go down, then the problem is the limit switch is out of alignment. Adjust the limit switch and go back to step 2. If this does not make the lift go down, then proceed to step 4.
    Step 4 - Press the "lift-down" button while bypassing the "lift-fully-deployed" limit switch. If this makes the lift go down, then the problem is a faulty limit switch. Replace the limit switch, adjust it, and go back to step 2.

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    Again, "Thank you!"
    I read Manual and watched the Installation Video again.
    Found on Tech Tips the "New" version of the Pressure Solenoid for K Series which also tells size of hexs to use to open and adjust.

    Read the 'simple test' you posted and copied it for neighbor to read. Hoping we can get this thing back in proper working order.
    Again, I appreciate your assistance!

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    Mr. West, Gave it a try and same it Deployed not lower(Down).
    Released door to be able reach lift tower.
    ***Used your 'simple test' using screw driver pushing on switch blade and it started down while holding Down button.
    Moved back and used Down button to reach ground.
    Loaded no problem.
    Re-adjusted Out Cut Off Screw til it jogged to slightly below level to floor of van.
    Cycled through whole Deploy, down/up and Stow functions 3 or 4 times with no problem.

    Took a drive on rough road got home it would:
    Deploy but not do anything when hit "Down" button.
    Adjusted Out CutOff Screw and started working.
    **Might over done not level with floor adjusting cause had to push the UP button on Pendant before Stow button worked.

    So is this what I think I need to do: More adjusting on Out CutOff screw, then push on plastic collar behind screw and keep at it til get it right? Test drive between attempts to make sure 'tight' enough not to mess up after driving on rough road?

    Sorry that keep bothering you. But, this has been more helpful than shop, company video or the manual.

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