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Thread: Eye tracking software

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    Eye tracking software

    Has anyone any experience with, thoughts about, or recommendations for eye tracking software for mouse control?

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    Tried it once, didn't like it so continue to use my head mouse. With head mouse I can position the cursor so I don't click anything and can move my eyes around The page, with head mouse cursor went wherever I looked.

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    I trialed the Smyle software on a Win10 machine last spring. You can try the 14-day trial at their website
    I was easily able to navigate with and use the "smile" click. You can also dwell click. It uses the camera on your laptop so there is no extra hardware.

    I currently don't use it. I trialed it to see how it worked because I work for a school district and I thought a young quad could try it. She decided to stay with her current eye gaze system.

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