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Thread: NEW Chair NEW Vehicle Not compatible need ideas solutions?

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    NEW Chair NEW Vehicle Not compatible need ideas solutions?

    Well once again my great plan did not go according to plan. converted from manual chair to power chair because of aging shoulders as a 33 yrs post para Bought a new truck and based on a lot of information and extensive research put in ATC conversion. What i did not anticipate is because of transfer case (4WD) chair is offset about 4" I sit rigt at about 55 1/2 " in new chair would have worked but the extra head room I was counting on is nullified by off set essentially my head is mashed up against the roof and grab handle next to window.

    Not blaming anyone just looking for solutions I will be paying for this vehicle maybe the rest of my life or at least 7 years ... There does not appear to be any solution or wiggle room on vehicle end i simply have to get shorter in the chair and i think i can adapt to the offset although it is very awkward. I have thought about buying beater power chair for driving or rigid manual (i have always had folders) for loading purposes. Anyone try driving a rigid frame manual with a smart drive and an EZ lock set up? Would smart drive just sort of bump or float over ez lock

    Another big problem is storage of extra chair plus the always tough for me chair to chair transfer..

    Well as always any and all input is welcome.

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    I have perm M3 with lift which adds an inch i think 17 1/2" base cushion is custom foam and no room to gain/ lose height anything there either

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    Stuff happens. I don't know, but doubt if a Smart Drive can be mounted on the same chair as an EX lock. Maybe, the SD uses the center of the axletube for it's mount, otherwise the bottom of the chair can be made clear. Tailwind might work, works better than SD for most purposes.
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    Assuming you have already considering removing/remodeling the roof area, and removing grab handle? Lowering seat of wheelchair?

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    Have you thought about selling the smart drive and then buying set of emotion wheels?

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    I drive from a rigid chair with a smart drive. The EZ Lock mounts to the bottom of the chair side frame. The Smart Drive mounts to the middle of the back of the frame. The Smart Drive is behind the EZ Lock and doesn't go over the EZ Lock recepticle on the vehicle floor.
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    Could u put an air/electric shifter on transfer case and or put a Gurney hump in the roof?

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    paul, i cant find the pics of the custom mount. kshirk here is who's setup im speaking of. i'll email him. he is a good dude. rep
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    Just in case have you contacted dealer and ATC about solutions/ideas on what might work? Or other solutions other than mods?

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    have already cut out roof area thinking of removing visor but from everyone i have consulted no good ideas on lowering chair cushion and chair are as low as it goes which is why i am considering getting a chair just for driving but don't really like the idea of the extra and chair and transfers

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    Assuming you have already considering removing/remodeling the roof area, and removing grab handle? Lowering seat of wheelchair?

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