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Thread: Tablet control of Permobil wheelchair commands

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    Yes, if they provided an API or some sort of development kit you could hook it to a tablet, google home, alexa or whatever. Given there are probable only six commands (forward, back right, left, up, down) it would pretty easy to write an app to control it. I have thought about asking the smartdrive people for one, but now that they have been bought by permobile I doubt they would release it.

    That being said, in all likelihood they don't. It is not a device that would have a great need to allow 3rd party integration and putting together an SDK is quite a bit of work.
    The hardware and software interfaces exist. The bigger problem (IMO) is coming up with a USER interface that:
    • makes sense
    • is reasonably fool-proof
    • addresses the varying capabilities of the community

    Note that folks typically try to leverage existing "user interface frameworks" (e.g., "Windows") when designing these sorts of things. The failure, there, is that Windows isn't designed with any sorts of "performance guarantees". And, would encourage users to install other applications on the platform, further compromising that performance (do you want the application to make your Halo (game) responsive? Or, do you want it to favor Dragon Dictate's performance? Or, do you want it to stop the chair before you hit the wall???)

    If you're a manufacturer (or seller of said interface), do you want to be on the hook for screwups in the "controls" because you relied on a "black box" (windows) of "dubious quality" to provide much of the functionality? Or, the user figuring out how to add some "rogue" application to your "control panel" and forever wonder what the real cause of that lawsuit happened to be...
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