I just got the per mobile F5 vertical stander. It is an extremely elegant and talented piece of equipment. However, I am less so when it comes to sip and puff. I will spare you the details, but I very eager to pursue other easy alternatives.

I plan to get a voice controlled tablet to mount on the chair (to use as both my phone and my computer, as it appears that everything I do with those devices can be done on a tablet. I will be back about that probably, seeking tablet advice). I would like to transfer the pole bill software to the tablet, so I might be out-of-control some of it by voice ? ? the seat functions and menus and such. I really think this should be possible, if I find the right person.

The guy at Permobil relented some, went from insisting no to acknowledging that maybe the people at the vendor who otherwise are programming the chair (the user interface device that I am hoping to two other replace with the tablet or operate through the tablet is called the Omni). I?m going to call Numotion tomorrow, but I thought I?d ask among the wizards here if anyone knows:

= Should what I am envisioning be possible?
= Would it be done through programming through the Bluetooth?
= Whom would I get to do that? Does anyone know the proper name or position at Numotion or Permobil, or someone outside?
= Has anyone done such a thing before, or know how to do it?