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Thread: Reflexive Bladder and Alcohol - Voiding Priblems

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    Reflexive Bladder and Alcohol - Voiding Priblems

    I?m a C7 20 years post injury and have always voided by reflexive bladder (also cath 2x a day to remove PVR) but recently when drinking alcohol my voiding spasms get out of sync when drinking alcohol; even if i have just one beer. It just gets too spastic but won?t release so will cause me to retain everything until I cath for relief (which while out and about isn?t always easy). Urologist thinking of putting me on something to relax my voiding pressure (currently 300).

    Just curious if anyone else has encountered this and/or thoughts on an easier fix i?m Not thinking about (aside from not drinking).


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    Alcohol is a natural diuretic, increases urine output and is a bladder irritant. So your bladder is probably filling sooner than when you just drink water and spasms are being triggered by both the full bladder and irritation.

    That said, the question is why does this seem like a new problem for you? Bladder function changes over time with Spinal Cord Injury. What worked for years doesn't work as well. Often it means re-evaluating your bladder management. Have you been evaluated for detrusor sphincter dysynergia (DSD), which is a disturbance of the normal coordination between bladder contraction and external urethral sphincter muscles relaxation during voiding.

    An anticholinergic maybe helpful.
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