Hey Folks,

C4-C5 here. I recently had my home updated with a package of smart home gadgets. a smartlock for the front door, a security camera outside my front door, a smart thermostat, and smart switches for ceiling fans and lights. I also had an Open Sesame electric door opener installed. All of it can be controlled by any Amazon Alexa device or Google Home device. Apple Homekit support is coming soon.

A company called HomeSmart Assistant in the Central Florida area did all of it. They support various gadgets across three categories: Security, Entertainment, and Environment. They work with insurance companies to get the costs covered. The increased level of independence this stuff offers can make a big difference in a physically-disabled person's life. I don't work for HomeSmart Assistant but It's made such a difference for me which is why I thought it might be a good idea to pass this information along to anybody in Central Florida that might benefit from this, And if you don't live in Central Florida, and think you might benefit from this, I suggest you look around your area to see if somebody is doing something similar.

Here is a link to their site: