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My condolences. I'm the same vintage you are and have had a long, productive life. But the situation still sucks every day. A little more some days, a little less others. But every day....
While I appreciate the compliments about hanging in there and the intention that they were said… It’s really bullshit if you think about it. I mean what choice do you really have? Yoo either move forward as best you can or you roll over and die. So it’s not really that much of an accomplishment in my mind.

I guess I agree with this sentiment that there are better days and worst days… But they are still all shitty to some degree. I don’t go around bitter every day… and do not get me wrong I’m happy to be alive and living this life…But there is not a day that goes by that I don not see something or watch somebody do something or hear somebody talk about something that does not in someway make me bitter about something I am missing out on, missed out on, or will miss out on no matter how hard I try to make the situation great. My new girlfriend likes to travel. And she talked about maybe someday going to Hawaii. And I know it is a defeatist attitude but in the back my mind all I could think of is why? To see an ocean I can not swim in? A beautiful sandy beach I can not lay on? Beautiful mountains and wildlife areas I can not walk through? Etc. Yes being there to experience it would be better than not at all but lets be honest it will not be even a fraction of what it should be if you were walking

I guess this is the daily struggle with that reality. The shitty fact that you have to find satisfaction in a lot of glass half full situations because that is the only choice you get or will ever get in a lot of situations. I guess I am having one of those days where I am just not satisfied with that and bitter because of it. Sorry for the depressing mood I am in right now. Just having one of those days