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Thread: Dancing at sons wedding

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    Dancing at sons wedding

    I am a t11-12 complete, but my son was getting married this past June and I really needed to be able to dance with him. I bought the leg braces on Amazon. He locked the knees and stood me up. It was amazing to be able to do this.The video is too large
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    Where there's a will there's a way. Nice!

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    Good for you! My daughter, Natalie, got married over the Memorial Day weekend. I was kind of dreading the "father-daughter" dance segment of the reception. But we winged it and it turned out great. I popped a few wheelies (that's why she's giggling) and we had a good time.
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    That had been our plan and had done that at a different wedding, but I really wanted to stand with him. He was strong enough to stand me up and then my other who was married 3 years ago cut in. The song he chose was do I make you proud. Not quite sure who was the proudest one that day.

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    Very nice Lavender Lady, Thanks for posting this and congrats!

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    Glad everything came out ok. You can brake bones from not standing after a long time in chair.

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    Very touching!

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    Get an Easystand. I try to use mine at least 4 days a week. Great for my spasticity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeRobison View Post
    Get an Easystand. I try to use mine at least 4 days a week. Great for my spasticity.
    Dancing with a standing frame:
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    When I was called up to the dance floor as the father of the bride I had to use the moment to defer this special moment To my own father as my literal stand-in and I became spectator .
    “Another of life moments stolen , brought to you by the Good people at SCI, inc”

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