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Thread: Need new Power Chair...what do you ride, like, hate & reliability? Currently Amy R3

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    I use a Quickie 646SE. It has tilt and recline and max speed is 8.5mph.
    Same here, don't like mid wheel or front wheel drive. I started on a 626 which is still the same basic chair except for control systems. Plus they're easy to repair and parts are easy to get (ebay) and cheap.

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    Maybe the new Q700 rwd will make it to North America. It looks very promising.

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    My 4th power chair about 6 years ago was my favorite, a Permobil M300. Last June I got a Permobil M5, feels quite a bit heavier than the M 300, but it's comfortable and the lower seat to floor height has been nice. About a month after I received the M5, started getting an occasional error message when turning it on. Restarting it would get rid of the message, but it started appearing more and more frequent. Contacted the supply company, they installed a new control unit yesterday. Hopefully no more problems.

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