Almost 40 years C5/6 quad...Tried lots of chairs over the years but options & quality have changed quite a bit, especially mfg. build quality. Some that used to be really good seem to be supplying POS problem power wheelchairs. Most of the good wheelchair review sites are gone or haven't been updated in years

Used a manual chair first 10 years then:
Quickie P100
Quickie P200
Quickie V522 (still use for airline travel)
Quantum Blast 850 (loved this beast, fast & built like a tank. My first with any suspension, very nice for my back)
CURRENT = Amy Systems AllTrack R3 w/ HD motors.

I'm seriously considering another Amy, but exploring other possible options since it will be another 5 years before insurance replacement. It's been 5 1/2 years, 3700 mi. in my Amy & only the part replaced, other than tires & caster front bearings, was a control module about 1 1/2 years ago. This was also my first chair with any seat lift, tilt, light kit & power elevating platform footrest. Would definitely get same features on a new chair.

I always had RWD chairs but found the Amy hybrid RWD/MWD to be more maneuverable & tighter turning so short adjustment time. Not sure I would like a full MWD? Still not a fan of 6-wheel contact for tracking snow, rain, dirt, etc...inside so I am considering the Price Rival RWD.

High ground clearance - great for camping, hiking, high thresholds & outdoors in general
Suspension - smooth & no squeaks due to aircraft bushings at pivot points
Fast - almost 10mph with the bigger HD motors
Controls - Rnet color LCD & very good adjustable height swing away mount
Seating - one of the highest lift seats

  • Very quiet lift-tilt-leg elev motors
  • lowest seat to floor height with power lift seating installed

Footrest - my 1st center platform & will never go back to swing away. Better turn clearance & easier transfer (angle closer to bed, chair, etc..)

Style - not bad but in my opinion Permobil has better look
Motor - relatively quiet for HD but loud CLICK on start/stop
Ride - Center of gravity seems too far forward of drive wheels cause front tires to wear faster
  • CG causes some "cant/hanging" turn from stop if tire pressure a little low

All opinions, comments & experiences welcome.