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Having moved nearby you in the Clearwater area recently, I did a lot of research on ADA apartments and had a lot of frustrating conversations. In this area the only units I could find with roll in showers were for those who qualify for public housing. From the many apartments I talked to they follow ADA requirements but do not make modifications or install handrails, roll under sinks, etc. Instead the cost falls solely on the individual needing the accommodation and you must also pay to return it to its original state when you leave. I am originally from Minnesota and had fully accessible apartments there with hand rails, raised toilets, and roll in showers for the past 7 years and did not realize the experience is different depending on location!
Very interested in this topic of accessible rentals. I'm wondering if you lived in relatively new housing in MN, that is, after passage of the ADA - perhaps the builder was required to have accessible units.
Just wondering if you checked new housing in Clearwater.

Also, if disabled tenant is employed, I believe one can still deduct 'disability related expenses' from tax return (No, not under "medical").

You mentioned that you found LL would require tenant doing modifications to return unit to original condition upon leaving - perhaps LL stated that for scare purposes? Can't imagine that holding up in court.