I got a new TiLite TR wheelchair several years ago and have had issues with the skin on my butt. About every other month I get a little skin burn rub and it starts to bleed when sitting in the TR chair. This has been going on and on. So I switched back to my old folding wheelchair for the past 6 months and never have any issues with the skin breaking down or getting that skin burn. Yesterday I looked at my skin and it was fine so I switched tot he TR chair to try it again and sat in it for 4 hours. This morning I have the start of the skin burn again.

When I compare the 2 chairs they both have tension backs. They both have sling seats. They both have 2 inches of dump. The only difference is that the TR chair is 18 inches deep and the folding chair is 17 inches deep. I have had both chairs mapped sitting on the Roho cushion that I use. The person doing the mapping said that they see no issues or difference. The only other difference I can tell is that I have the footrest is up higher on the TR so my knees are higher. When I sit in the TR there is space between the bottom of my legs and the cushion where I can run my hands through. The cushion is not touching the bottom of my legs from my knees half way up my thighs. My legs seem to flay out in the old folding chair and on the TR the front of the chair keeps my legs from flaying out. Could the height of the footrest cause this issue?