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Thread: Casters sticking/grinding brand new chair

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    Casters sticking/grinding brand new chair

    WTF is it with my luck!? I've posted my Ki Rogue saga, where I'm on the second frame of the chair...well first, as the second the ATP had made just 14" high. How I missed that IDK! But this frame came first with big knobby tires, and the COG way off. So new footplates made, (still too long) and different tires. Taking it for a whirl yesterday, and I noticed the casters fluttered some, and got sticky. Today, they sound like a loud screeching grinding metal sound when rotating! Yet they're loose when I'm not in the chair. Too loose, one has about a quarter inch jiggle to it. Anyone have any ideas what this is? I think maybe they didn't adjust the angle properly, and it's not tightened up enough? How annoying! I also noticed that there's no more adjustment room for COG, and I do need some more. I can't pop a wheelie easily. The dump is 2", and it was made so I can have more, but not less. Which I may want. Ugh.
    Ki has been great, I have faith they will figure it all out and make it right. But for crying out loud, it's been months of this. The caster housing has a gouge on one of them, too, so a tech must've been messing with it.
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