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Thread: Vehicle Question

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    Love your truck dude! I'd love to have a truck that size but it would have to be 4x4, because I live in a rural area in eastern Canada. I've always shyed away from trucks because the 4x4 versions don't appear to have aftermarket lowering kits. Everybody seems to want to jack them up. However for guys with short arms like me, I'm in the small minority of needing the truck lowered so that I'm able to easily transfer into it.

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    I have a fold-up TiLite TX that fits very easily behind the driver's seat of my 2009 Chevy Colorado Extended Cab LT3 pickup truck. I had the truck lowered about 3 inches, so that that truck seat height is the same as my wheelchair cushion. This makes transferring very easy. The extended cab features a 3rd door that opens suicide-style and with the rear jump seats removed there is plenty of space to fold the chair and store it behind the driver's seat. The black leather piece under the door sill protects the rockers from getting all scratched up.

    The right angle hand controls are Wells-Engberg CP-200 and required only minor cutting to fit.

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    Unfortunately for wheelchair users not wanting to drive a van, affordable two door coupes are a dying breed. Camaros, Mustangs or Challenger seem to be the only viable options now if you are buying new.
    It's the same with hot-hatches in Europe. VW Golf, Mercedes A-series & BMW 1-series are all dropping 3-door models. Only leaves the MINI Coppers S.

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    If you found a 4 door car that otherwise suited you, I guess you could have a suicide door kit installed for the rear doors such as this: . I figure the entire installation (parts & labour) would probably cost upwards of $2000 but I've seen it done on car customizing shows. I also found cheaper suicide door kits with "poppers" on ebay for 160USD but they appear to have two hinges per door which I can't figure out how you would mount them on back doors of modern cars because most back door jams of rear doors on modern cars are not strait and flat all the way down the height of the door.

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