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Thread: Xbox Adaptive Controller Arrived Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by illicit79 View Post
    Let me see if Madden has a demo and I can download it and see what all is needed to play.
    Sorry no demo available.

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    Hey I just wanted to update what we've been doing with the Microsoft Adaptive Controller (XAC). Number one, when my daughter was home from college she wanted nothing to do with it because she just wanted to play her current setup. After finals etc the last thing she wanted to do was re-create her gaming setup. Made perfect sense.

    Fast forward to now. I have the XAC here but I don't have an Xbox One because she took it back to school. I DO have a PS4 though so I looked online for converters and of course, found one as well as a video. This morning I was able to connect the XAC to my PS4 and play with no problem. I have a couple switches in the house to plug in and they work but I don't have have any joysticks so I'll have to get one or two.

    So this is what I'll be doing during the dangerous cold weather Minnesota. Playing the XAC with games I already have on my PS4. I have no reason to really be anywhere and am stocked up with creature needs

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    I have the Xbox adaptive controller, and when brainstorming on better ways I could control the left stick, I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow use the wheelchair controller, in a certain mode, to act as a joystick for the Xbox? The available adaptive joystick controllers can connect to the Xbox adaptive controller by USB port? I?m sure my question is far more complex, if even possible, then I am making it to be.

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