Ive been doing the Vetricyn bladder flushes for 7 or 8 years and the last 2-3 I had things figured out and only getting an infection once a year. 6 months ago I got hit with a nasty infection and was my first time I used a IV antibiotics. As soon as that happened I can?t hold vetericyn in my bladder. During the time I’m taking antibiotics I can do normal flushes but once I’m off it my bladder spasms and pee it out.

I have seen and been using the getamycn bladder flushes and it has been working. But I can’t do back to back days of vetericyn like I used to. I do the gentamicin ones daily and vetericyn every 5th day. Any sooner and I pee it out. IVe done urine cultures and they come back completely clear with the gentimicin. Normally when I bypass vetericyn it meant a infection was right around the corner but not now. I want to stop these antibiotic bladder flushes as soon as possible cause it only makes sense you’ll come resistance to it in my mind. I wish that study they did was longer than 6 month.

I get a scope done of my bladder in January, waiting to hear back about getting an appointment for a infectious disease doctor too. I wish I could go back to vetericyn working and staying in my bladder again.

Just wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. Thanks guys and gals.