Let me be more specific. T6 complete. I cathed 5 times a day for years while on oxybutinin and botox, but got tired of the side effects and botox stopped being effective. I recently switched to using a leg bag/condom catheter full time and cath twice a day (every 12 hours). When I cath it's for less than 100ml, so most of the urine gets pushed out to the leg bag on its own.

I just had my yearly wellness exam and was told I have a UTI (after getting cultures back). I didn't have any symptoms that stood out which is the reason for this post. My urine is occasionally cloudy even when I don't have a UTI, so that wasn't a give away. I can't go by more frequent leaking like I could in the past since I'm using a leg bag now. I have severe chronic nerve pain 24/7 so I have no way of knowing if any of it is from a UTI. The only other symptom I've had in the past is the smell of the urine changing with a UTI, but I haven't noticed that this time.

1. So how do I tell in the future if I need to get checked for a UTI?
2. Is wearing a leg bag full time and cathing less frequently make me more prone to getting them?
3. Would cathing more frequently help, or is it creating more opportunities to get an infection?
4. Does urine staying pooled in the tip of the condom catheter due to the dump in my chair make things worse? If so what's a solution?

Any advice would be appreciated.