I have have been in a chair since 86 from a car accident. T-7 complete. I have had multiple surgeries and am now fused from T-3 to my pelvis. This has really limited my transfers. Anyway, I am on somewhat of a budget and have to pay a considerable amount out-of-pocket, so I am limiting options. I just ordered my first TiLite Areo Z chair. I am a wide body at 200lbs (on a diet; lost 8lbs so far) so it is 18x15. My questions are concerning seat and wheels. I have been using a solid insert under my Roho which I really like. I ordered the chair with the aluminum solid seat. However, I have read that it is heavy. I have been trying to find how much it weighs, but have come up empty. I have been reading on CareCure community that many are using the carbon fiber and recommend it. I have seen a link to where to purchase, but I wouldn?t know what thickness I would need, or how to install it. Do you think I should change my order to no seat and purchase the carbon fiber?

My other question is about wheels. Spinergy?s are a bit pricey. I see Dino?s recommend. I have also found Sun Fusion 16?s. Any recommendations or should I just stay with the standard shipping TiLite wheels? It does seem they all weight about the same, so I am thinking maybe just say with stock wheels.

Any opinions are greatly appreciated.