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Thread: Fourth Harvest and Roasted Tomatoes

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    Fourth Harvest and Roasted Tomatoes

    NL planted 6 tomato plants this spring. The whole tomatoes in the bowls and the roasted tomatoes represent her 4th harvest...more to come. The roasted tomatoes will be processed through a food mill to create a roasted tomato sauce with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and basil. Then she freezes portions of sauce in freezer bags. We will have lots of fresh roasted tomato sauce for the "long hard winter."
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    Oooooh, GJ, my mouth is watering! How gorgeous those tomatoes are! You will indeed be all set for next winter, with such a harvest. Beautiful countertop, too.
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    Garden tomatoes are heavenly.

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    Ready for Sunday lunch with Italian sausages and pasta. Guess I should have posted in Food...but this is living life!

    Wish you could share the aromas in the kitchen!
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    Same here - wish I could smell those aromas!
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    Awesome. Nothing, I mean nothing beats fresh tomatoes from the garden.
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    That looks amazing!
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    Guess it was an imperative that a moderator moved this to Food from Life...whatever! Isn't that just special!

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    Nothing is as good as good tomatoes in season. I'm sad the season is just about ending now. In the peak of summer I had such a great meal with fresh tomatoes and pasta. Those tomatoes and that sauce you have look wonderful.

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