Does anybody still use old style bed bars like they used to use in rehab and maybe still do from like 20 years ago. It’s a bar that comes back up over the back of the headboard and then arches out over the bed and down with the horizontal bar so you can grab on it and turn yourself and sit against it and lean against it for dressing and stuff like that.

l’m in the process of building a new house and that’s the old style bed bar I currently have on my bed. My current girlfriend made a semi jokingly semi serious comment about it saying I don’t think we could have sex with that bar over the bed because I’d bang my head on it. Now I‘ve been with girls with that bar on the bed and obviously you can kind of work around it but it’s sort of sitting in an awkward position that isn’t really the best for romance. And admittedly I have had girlfriends bang their head on that even when they were sleeping and going to get up. Obviously not expecting it to be there cause its not normally on a bed for anyone thats not in a wheelchair. Are there any sorts of similar bed bars out there on the market these days that might fold out of the way in some sort yet still be stable?

I mostly use it for turning myself in bed at night and a lean against it for some basic dressing as much as I can do on my own? Being quadriplegic I rely primarily on my PSW for that but there are elements that I do by myself. And I have wondered over the years if there was a bar system that was less intrusive as I said that could maybe push up and out-of-the-way or be easily moved. When you have that bar with the big base under it and the bed is pressed against the wall there?s not really any way to move it out-of-the-way easily without sliding the whole bed down which really isnt great.