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Thread: Podcast guest search: Mental Health/Anxiety after SCI

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    Podcast guest search: Mental Health/Anxiety after SCI

    Hey ya'll

    So we all know depression, anxiety...all of this happens after a spinal cord injury. Some deal with it better than others, and there has even been studies that have found quadriplegics are happier than paraplegics. What has your journey been like? Are you willing to share? If you'd like to be a guest on my podcast this month, please private message me <3 I know its a private matter. I'll be sharing my personal struggles with anxiety as well.
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    Seems like you should definitely plug your podcast here.

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    I will! Still seeking men for the show...
    May the fetus you save be gay

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    Not a man (last time I rested my chin on my chest) but yeah ... I'm having major problems in that way.
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