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Thread: Stay safe SCI 55

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    Stay safe SCI 55

    And anyone else in the Hurricane Florence area. Thoughts are with you.

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    are you to on the coast you to I wonder where they are

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    Steven Edwards, Rachelle Chapman ... who else is in the Carolinas?
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    I live in Columbia, SC, which is in the middle of the state. Our house is on top of a hill so flooding is not a concern. Wind can do damage to the electrical grid, but we have a standby generator that can power our whole house. 10 gallons of drinking water are on hand as is a filled freezer. It contains a generous supply of Yasso frozen Greek yogurt.Lol If that is not enough, there is a Mormon family down the street who came to our rescue a couple of years ago when we were without water for nearly a month. If you recall we had 24 inches of rain in one day and the city water system got washed out.

    Currently it is about 80 degrees and mostly cloudy. We expect the wind and rain to move in tomorrow. (Saturday)

    Thanks for thinking of me. 55+
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