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Thread: Compression stocking prices.

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    Compression stocking prices.

    I am still sitting down and reeling in shock

    Yesterday I made an enquiry about a pair of Juzo Dynamic cotton rib compression stocking and almost fell over on my arse at the price that are expected.

    I was quoted NZ$148 (US$96) including tax plus freight. these are below knee and 20-30 mmHg

    How does this price compare with prices elsewhere for this product, or other comparable product brands?

    If I had known the premium prices that are demanded for invalid equipment, I would have thought longer and harder before adopting this lifestyle

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    That’s over double the cost for that brand and pressure on amazon in the US. Synthetics are all over the map, price wise - you can get a pair of white nylon compression stocks at a superstore or chain drugstore for about US$8-10. Wool & cotton tend to run about US$25-40/pair at sporting good stores, amazon, etc. Tubigrips, which are lower pressure but can be doubled for increased pressure and custom cut for length run about US$25-30 for 10 metres at medical supply stores & amazon.

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    I wear TruForm 20-30mm hg graduated closed toe surgical weight below knee. If us a doctor Rx price is crazy!!!!!!!! Also, my insurance will only cover them when have a active ulcer.
    I usually get at local Walmart. At Walmart hanging in pharmacy section regular price $18.99 a pair out-of pocket. Think was last Thursday noticed they had them marked $14.99/pair, I got last 3 pair instock. Checked their Online price, alot cheaper in store:

    Ames Walker Online $26.49/pair:

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    We've had our best luck with Sigvaris, Jobst and Juzo - the better quality brands. They are not cheap. I think I actually bought our last pairs of Jobst on Amazon so you can see the prices. But my Dad needs higher strength, higher quality stockings because his edema is pretty severe. He also has difficult to size legs (very tall, but very slender calves due to atrophy, large foot), so we stick with the better brands that offer more sizing options. They are still cheaper than custom stockings (!!!!), which is really what he needs. We are always looking for new brands/styles, as the better brands also are constantly reworking their offerings and changing the fabrics so something that worked 2 or 3 years ago may not exist anymore.

    I guess if I were you I would look for something made locally, if possible, or something you can get delivered direct from China..... which is where most of these stockings are probably made.

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    Try ebay.
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    Jobst is pretty good. Last longer. Made in Germany. (suggest hand wash).

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