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Thread: Quantum 600 series Power Chair Problems

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    Quantum 600 series Power Chair Problems

    Please give me a hint:

    Bought a used power chair four years ago. Am currently very sick and reliant on it. Friend's bro-in-law took it to replace tires and tubes for me. Unlocked manual brakes and pushed it out over my laminate, carpet hallway, uneven sidewalk, up a ramp, into their garage etc.

    When it came back, it wasn't pushing as easily or so it seemed. Now the chair powers up, but won't move. I've adjusted the manual brakes at least twice. The guy who replaced the tires did it as well. It shows a full charge but the indicator light on the charger is yellow. Previous to this, it sat for 10 months plugged in. It had some rough use from the uneven sidewalks around here and taking my dog for walks. I'm wondering if the manual brake has worked loose inside the motor or something? Is that possible?

    I've watched a couple of youtube vids on motors etc ... I don't want to invest in a battery if I'm not sure that's the problem (it appears there are two in these things?). Also, since it was used - there is no owners' manual. I've scoured the internet looking for this error code but can't find it. It shows a plug on the joystick display .. any idea what this means?

    Also - for next time - what power chair should I look at purchasing used? I have great insurance but can't have a manual and power at the same time - I'd rather have a new manual for now while I still have my car - even though it's sat for two years now.

    I tried calling service but I am banned from their store and they do not return my calls. As well, it's $80 just to have someone show up. Not covered because I bought this used with my own dime.

    I have a backup I bought for $200 but the battery won't charge ... one of those things I was going to take care of and never did. Needs days' worth of adjustments as well so that's not a viable option right now.
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