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It?s getting worse. First the plug icon, then the motor brake and now a tool wrench icon! Pfffft
There are sensors (microswitches) on the "freewheeling" clutches that tell the electronics what physical position they are in.

Examine the display, in detail! (photo). Move the levers into the freewheel position (assuming they weren't, already). Now reexamine the display -- is there any indication telling the driver "your wheel clutches are not engaged"? Has anything in the display changed??

Now, flip them back to the engaged position and, once again, reexamine the display.

I.e. you know something has changed, does the controller/brain? If not, then suspect something is interfering with the switches reporting their status to the controller (bad connection, damaged wiring, mechanical interference, etc.)

Remember that someone was tinkering "near the wheels" so anything in that area is suspect (moreso than the joystick or some OTHER portion of the chair).

I doubt the controller would let ANY motors move if it saw the freewheeling clutches disengaged. You can try to verify this by deliberately disengaging either/both them and seeing if the motors try to move when commanded.

Use this sort of differential diagnostic approach to create "before" and "after" conditions and see how the unit responds to them.

[I had an SRS (airbag) error thrown in one of the vehicles a year or so ago. I'd previously had it in the shop so suspected it wasn't a coincidence. Turns out the mechanic (heavy set) had disturbed one of the wiring harnesses under/beside the driver seat as he was getting in and out of the car. Simple fix -- once I knew where to look for it!]

Hope you feel better, soon!