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@ automation: the lumber Rich used is pressure treated and it can be bought that meets full ground contact specs. As for the ramp posts - they can be just buried without footers, as long as they're below the frost line. There's no structural load as there is with the deck itself, which he has covered with the concrete support columns.
Even pressure treated wood isn't "termite proof" (not just "resistant"). It's a common problem that we have, here, and any "wood product" in contact with the soil WILL fail, over time.

[UNtreated lumber will be visibly compromised in less than a year!]

Also, once a pressure treated piece of lumber is cut or bored, the "exposed" meat of the lumber needs to be separately treated to preserve the protection.

And, of course, without a termite shield, you have to be forever vigilant to knock down any "termite tubes" as the critters climb up the pressure treated wood in search of NONtreated wood (decking?) above.