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I've decided that the thicker the "stone layer", the worse the traction. Wheels start kicking up stone instead of moving the chair. Then, the wheels start digging holes in the ground. I've not yet sorted out whether small stone ("pea gravel") might be better than the ~1" chunks we have. And, I'd like to see if fatter tires might make things better.

Driveways are concrete, here -- but nowhere near as long as yours appears to be!

You might look into laying down two parallel rows of 12" square "pavers" -- with centerlines spaced as far apart as your wheels are located. A neighbor did this to widen his driveway and it's navigable (though feels like you're riding a roller coaster as he didn't level the underlying soil, first).
My power chair tires are kind of narrow. The tread is worn out. I'll look into getting better tires.
I've thought of using pavers. That's a good idea to use 2 rows of separated 12 inch pavers.
My drive is about 170 feet long. I figure it's about a 9% grade for 130 feet. That means it rises 12 feet in that distance. Not good when there's ice coating the drive.
I'm not looking forward to the cold months. I might like it in Arizona!