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Thread: Stupid question: why can't we use butt implants to solve pressure sores

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    Stupid question: why can't we use butt implants to solve pressure sores

    Stuck in bed contemplating on the amount of time I spend in bed with a pressure sore and thinking why can't I get a butt implant to protect my ischial?

    They do them for cosmetical use why wouldn't a bit of silicone work to stop pressure sores if inserted in the right place.

    I'm obviously missing something real simple.

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    I have wondered the same thing.

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    I thought about this too. Also, would padded bicycle shorts protect the tailbone and the area directly under it (where my latest sore is)?

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    I sort of did. look up flowable matrix.. its hor we fixed my stage 4 injury.

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    I have used my bike pants when pain was bad and they definitely lowered the pain.

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    Estim, vibrating pants to stimulate muscle growth/bulk etc.

    I've always wondered about going to a plastic surgeon and asking for some DD's on my butt.

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    Well, comforting to know that I am not alone pondering on things like this

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    no u are not alone in the booty thinking

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    Have actually asked if I could get small breast implants in my heels ... ignored.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Have actually asked if I could get small breast implants in my heels ... ignored.
    Heel skin doesn't stretch as much, so I can see why that wouldn't work.

    I asked a doc about ass implants early on and was kind of brushed off.

    If I speculate, I assume they're worried about post op complications. If we get an infection it could be really bad.

    And regardless it probably wouldn't work well, there's still going to be the same amount of pressure (maybe the ass implants would spread it out a little... but maybe not enough to make a big difference). Any kind of complication would be catastrophic for someone who has to sit on their ass all day.

    Still, I think someone from here should just do it. Go to a plastic surgeon and tell them you want ass implants, and if they say no, starting bitching about equal rights and discrimination and whatnot.

    I'd be curious to see the result. I just don't want to be the first... or the second... or the two hundredth... after a few thousand successful procedures I might be on board though.

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