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Thread: Stupid question: why can't we use butt implants to solve pressure sores

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    Surely they must be well tested as it is a common cosmetic procedure? Silicone inserted between ischial bone and the skin should spread the pressure point over a greater area, if you have repeated pressure sores in one place like an ischial there are few ways to prevent further damage and they will recur.

    I'd think that most cosmetic surgeons would perform the surgery but it is probably worth asking for an opinion on it before going ahead. Not quite at the point of desperation yet but can't handle many more pressure sores!

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    Well, there's exception to what I said. if you have a history of surgeries and you need another then maybe they should consider it. It's worth having the discussion.
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    I don't have medical knowledge about this, but from a layman's perspective, I would worry about the implant material hardening or migrating away from the site (even rupturing) over time. And deep infection beneath the implant would surely be hard to detect until it blew up into a fever or sepsis. Maybe one of the SCI-Nurses has some thoughts on the subject.
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