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Thread: Constipation with colostomy

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    Constipation with colostomy

    I had surgery for colostomy in February. Things have been going pretty smooth. Every once in a while I have constipation. Before the surgery I had really slow bowels. I eat a well-rounded diet. I drink a lot of water. Way more than recommended. But things are still slow. This last week I have had little to no output. About four days ago I had pizza with a lot of cheese and that always plugs me up. Dumb of me. But it tastes so good. Anyway, what are some ways to get things flowing again? Without having a huge explosion? I am worried about too much output that my bag can't handle.
    Thanks, Clint.
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    I have to be extremely careful about what I eat. I cannot eat most of what you sound like you can eat. If pizza with lots of cheese is something that causes you problems, alter it. It's most likely the cheese causing the problem, so put less of it on. If I ever start to get a blockage, I drink coffee and roll back and forth on the bed. Of course I can roll on mmy own, so have to have help.

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    Prune juice, nature's solution for maintaining regularity. I drink a large glass full each day, but, slowly, I sip on if throughout the day. If I eat something that would slow my system down I just drink a little more juice.

    Prune juice seems to have a character of its own. At room temperature it is sweet, easy to drink. Cold, it tastes like bad table wine.

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    I use these when I have a problem. Mild but works within 16-24 hrs.
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    Eat several pieces of Chef-Boy-ardee pizza or more and you will have a blow out. You'll get your pizza and flow all in one.

    Fluffy cake types (eat several pieces) also cause blow outs.

    For both cases, I think the dough and batter have some kind of yeast that causes the blow out.

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