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Thread: Back pain, pain medication reduction to comply with Oklahoma law? I need advice...

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    Angry Back pain, pain medication reduction to comply with Oklahoma law? I need advice...

    This summer I saw my physiatrist who has been overseeing my pain management since my accident 12 years ago. I was informed that there had been changes in the law and I would need to reduce my medication to comply. I have been taking 20 mg oxycodone every for hours as well as Oxycontin 20 mg every 8 hours for at least 2 years and was reduced by 1/3. The medicine just didn't didn't keep up with the pain and eventually I stopped taking my morning doses so that I could split them and take a 30 milligrams through the afternoon until bed. Otherwise I won't drive because the evenings are too tough. To be honest, the pain pills have become a nuisance because they barely keep up with the pain. I'm so uncomfortable. That just cost me a 4-year relationship and now I'm raising my teenage son and the quality of life is low, and I either need better pain management or a solution to the back injury.

    I have degenerative disc in my S1 L1 and L-3 L4 with heterotopic ossification and arthritis throughout my lumbar. A nerve block didn't help at at all and I'm waiting for a wound to heal you before having an epidural injection with some steroids, but I'm doubtful of that. I'm doubtful of all things, because I have been messing with these Doctor's for four years looking for a solution. They are so damn worthless. I'm praying you guys have some good advice. I don't know why I haven't been more active on here, but I'm truly kicking myself for not having done so.

    I gained quite a bit of weight and I'm sleeping on a Sleep Number mattress. I'm to the point where even sleeping hurts. I think I need to look into a TempurPedic for more support maybe? I know I need to lose weight and I have begun to eat cleaner with lean proteins and fresh vegetables, but working out causes increased pain and I am freaking out. I need to lose 30 pounds maybe 40. The doctor recommended I look into CBD and now I'm taken a milligram of oil morning and night and gel caps when the pain is bad. Everyone needs understand that win I don't have medication my body freaks out and I have terrible spasms and high blood pressure. It's not it would draw issue, because before the medication increase I was going through the spasms. I had a Baclofen pump put in to resolve the issue, but when it didn't resolve the issue I was given the oxycodone and the oxycontin came 8 months later while going through inpatient physical therapy.

    Blah, I hope that was enough information and not to much information. LOL. Sorry, but I am hoping for help.
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