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Awesome thread, I have an awesome Lasher that has been sitting. This sounds like the spring project I’ve been looking for. Any thoughts as to + - of brands? Bosch, Yamaha, Bafang?
Thanks Mark
I looked around and from what I've seen you want to purchase a 'kit'. The kit from Lectric Cycles (www.lectriccycles.com) uses the Bafang motor and components, but according to the LBS that I'm working with they've sorted through all the components to weed out the more unreliable components. I decided on the 750w motor b/c I thought the 350w might be a bit underpowered given the hills around my area. I really wished that Lectric cycles offered a 500w motor. Their lineup jumps from 350w motor to a 750w motor, so I ended up going with the latter. I expect to hit some issues along the way, and will post anything I find.