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Thread: Bladder stones and kidney stones? Potassium citrate?

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    Bladder stones and kidney stones? Potassium citrate?

    Has anyone used potassium citrate or sodium citrate for treatment of bladder stones and kidney stones? I have found several studies that show that this medication works quite well for dissolution and treatment of bladder stones and kidney stones. I have problems with bladder stones since roughly 6 months after my injury, now at 13 months, they have recurred a couple times, and now I have a couple kidney stones as well.

    Once again, doctors write prescriptions and come in and talk with you for five minutes and do not actually treat the problem, the urology department I have been working with will not look at medical studies from PubMed database, used by doctors and medical researchers, that I have access to with my university credentials; they simply say that I am trying to play Doctor and I should know my place and listen to what they have to say because they are the pros. The professionals who do things on the fly without actually looking at looking at current medical studies (probably because they are too busy with their McMansion in the suburbs outside Boston). Simply doing the same old thing over and over and over mindlessly, same treatment, never improving.

    Regardless, finding a new urologist ASAP.

    Right now buying potassium citrate for dogs and cats with kidney stones from, because apparently now it is Dallas Buyers Club for urology medication.

    Does anyone have any experience with potassium citrate or sodium citrate? What dosage would someone recommend? Does anyone have any other suggestions for medication for stones? I have heard lemon juice works and I will be investing in that as well.
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