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Thanks for your comments ChesBay. Glad you have VPA and I was wondering how you found out about it?

Last evening an optometrist did my husband's exam - it looked like he brought the entire contents of an eye doctor's office, with three cases of equipment. Could not believe how thorough he was. He even examined the lenses in my husband's 4 year old glasses with some equipment he brought, and also tightened the frames.

My understanding is that one is eligible for VPA if travel to medical appointments is difficult, and there are mobility issues. It is apparently the largest company doing this kind of service.
I have a friend who has been having skin problems for several years and fortunately has made good progress the past 6 months, he is finally up and around. He has been having a doctor come to his home for the last 4 or 5 years. I went online, thinking it was VPA and hooked up with them through internet ( found out after my Buddy actually uses someone different so perhaps this type of service is becoming more common). As I recall I told them I still drive but was having difficulty getting to appointments, that seemed to suffice. ( I still drive a car but have eye my out for a van.)

Glad it is working for you and I am still a very satisfied customer.