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Thread: Visiting Physicians Association

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    Visiting Physicians Association

    My family doctor suggested this organization after I requested a home visit. I have checked out their web site and it appears to have the services I want. They accept Medicare and Medicaid if you are eligible and I need to contact them about eligibility. I like the fact that they can provide lab work and X-ray in the home. In addition, one can get prescription refills by phone and not have to go into a doctor's office as is required most of the time at my family doctor's.

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with this service. It appears to be nationwide. I'd appreciate any information before I consider contacting them.

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    I started using Visiting Physicians Association (VPA) about 5 months ago and I am very pleased with them. I don’t need a lot of medical care but the GP I had been seeing was no longer available and I decided to give them a try. The same doctor and nurse have come out each visit and I feel like they are very thorough and competent. I basically wanted yearly blood work done, I take a statin and 10 mgs of baclofen at night. My doctor so far has been very good with RX’s , they did an EKG and thorough physical exam first visit. I think they would come once a month if I wanted but I don’t feel that’s necessary so I’ll probably end up seeing them every three or four months.

    I still drive and see my urologist, every 6 months, physiatrist 1x per year but it helps make things easier as I age. I know they will visit more often if I need but fortunately for now every few months works very well and it feels good to have a doctor who has an understanding of your individual situation.

    Last week I had a urology check up and I told my urologist, who I consider very competent, that I had switched to VPA. He was pleased and said he had heard nothing but good things about them.

    I am very pleased with them. Hope this helps. Send me any questions if you have them.

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    Thanks very much for your reply - it definitely helps and I intend to contact them. It's nice hearing that your experience is going well, in addition to the positive comment of your urologist.
    My husband is also paralyzed (he's SCI and I'm Polio paralyzed) and since he saw your post he's all for it. Neither of us had heard of this before. I don't know why my doctor didn't bring it up sooner.
    It has become a major effort for us to take care of our medical needs as we progress through our senior years. I have had to rely on my husband to get me to appointments, when he has his own issues to deal with. We don't want to add burdens to each other.
    Thank you for the offer to send questions to you and thanks again for your comments!

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    I haven’t heard of them but it sounds like a much needed service. CWO
    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.

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    In my situation I'm no longer able to wait in the doctor's office for up to an hour sometimes, then at least an hour with the doctor.
    A friend of mine with a disability said she wonders if the doctor's office is busy due to dealing with numerous patients who are getting the free, Medicare-covered "Annual Wellness Visit" (AWV). It is simply a questionnaire and "counseling" session - no exam done or allowed at this Visit. After having this done for 3 years (in addition to my other medical visits) I cancelled this year's visit, and will try to become eligible for the Visiting Physician Ass'n program.
    One of the questions my doctor asked on the Wellness Visit, 'do you have throw rugs in your home that you could trip on?'. Sitting in a wheelchair I have never slipped on a throw rug, and pointed this out to the doctor. The doctor checked off "no" on the form.

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    I looked up on google seems really neat on my side of florida its not but I love the idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjls View Post
    I looked up on google seems really neat on my side of florida its not but I love the idea
    I saw somewhere on the web site that they are adding additional locations. If you want to look into this you might want to fill out the contact form on their web site and let them know where you're located in Georgia. Also note, since they travel they may visit your area.

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    Just updating this as my husband and I have become patients of Visiting Physicians Association and I can't remember if I posted after I saw them. After their first visit to see me my husband was so impressed that he completed the on line application a couple of days later.
    On my first visit from them there was a nurse practitioner (they can write prescriptions and also make diagnoses), a certified nurse assistant and a student nurse - they asked if she could observe for that visit.
    They did a blood draw, urinalysis, EKG (yes, with all the sticky tabs on me and a computer to do the read-out). A couple of days later they sent a technician with a mobile X-ray unit to do a chest Xray. Within a couple of weeks I needed a prescription for a brace and a prescription refill for one that had run out. Both were provided to appropriate providers by FAX.
    My husband had the same in home exam, tests, and today they are sending someone to do an eye exam that he needed. I don't know if it's an optician or opthamologist. This person is coming from an hour away.
    This has been more medical follow up than we've had in the past 20 years or so. I don't think our previous doctors encouraged an annual physical as we could not get up on the tables. It would require two people to lift us and we didn't push it. During one of my husband's appointments for urological check up, he tried to transfer to some kind of flexible table and it flopped down while he was transferring. He stopped and got dressed and left without the exam. My previous doctor was insistent about an Annual Wellness Visit (commonly known as AWV), which I did for the past few years, I complied but found it pretty useless for me - no exam is done, just a questionnaire that would take over an hour of questions like "do you have rugs at home you could slip on (I'm a wheeler), and 'do you have any guns in the home?"

    In short, I am in love with VPA. I only wish more folks knew about it if they are finding difficulty getting out for medical needs. I'm not sure of the exact criteria, but maybe our ages and paralysis are considered.

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    Very happy to hear it is working well for you. My experience with VPA has been similar to yours. I have gotten tests done at home that would have been a hassle (and sometimes dangerous due to transfers, etc.) at medical offices. They’ve been very fast sending in prescriptions if needed. All in all it’s working very well for me, I will still see my SCI doc once a year or as needed but have found it to be very helpful in providing services that were becoming more of a chore as I age with SCI. I think with the demographics, aging, etc. this type of service will be very valuable to many and help people to age in place.

    Glad to hear it’s working well for you!

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    Thanks for your comments ChesBay. Glad you have VPA and I was wondering how you found out about it?

    Last evening an optometrist did my husband's exam - it looked like he brought the entire contents of an eye doctor's office, with three cases of equipment. Could not believe how thorough he was. He even examined the lenses in my husband's 4 year old glasses with some equipment he brought, and also tightened the frames.

    My understanding is that one is eligible for VPA if travel to medical appointments is difficult, and there are mobility issues. It is apparently the largest company doing this kind of service.

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