Hello All,
I have been in my ZRA for 3 months and 99.9% of the time I have run my Carbon Blades with regular Right Runs on them. I just noticed that it looks like the casing is/has failed on one of the tires as there is a significant bulge. Wondering if any of you folks have had this happen? In all my years of riding bikes (BMX/Road/Mtn) I have never had a tire fail like this. In OT I have been doing a lot of curbs and yesterday I was nailing a good 6-7" curb and getting up it with little trouble, I am sure this has something to do with the failure.

With that said I want to replace the tires sooner rather then later. I have really liked the Right Runs up to now. I also have a set of standard Shadow wheels with Marathons and the Marathons make my chair feel like I am pushing it through quicksand. So, should I get another set of Right Runs or something else. I want a light tire with very good rolling performance. Longevity and price do not bother me and I am not terribly concerned about puncture resistance.