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    New Chair Opinions

    I am a 4'11 93 (I was 4'8" and 87 lbs 2 years ago) female with Spina bifida. I went through a late growth spurt this last year in my early 20's (3 inches in height and only gained 5 lbs). My hips are now a little curvier and I just feel very cramped length wise so its time for a new chair. Had a good PT and DME when I started this process in June. Insurance change August 1st forced me to redo all the evals and trials and go with a different vendor. Old one was out of network. I felt like the old DME knew cushions and backs really well and I got to try alot but I am not 100% confident in his frame measurements. The new DME sucks. Old DME I felt like he listened and was going to help me fight insurance to get what I needed. This new DME at my PT Eval that I had to redo kept saying "you arent going to get that through insurance". Old DME just said yes the upgrades I wanted insurance might at least help a little but not completely if the PT writes it in her eval it was at least an attitude of lets try instead of no. Just wondering if I could get some opinions on measurements if anything looks really off. Since I wasnt 100% sure with the Old DME and dont trust the new one at all to get me what I really need. New DME said LMN for titanium isnt gonna happen. Also trying to tell me I have to pay for carbon fiber sideguards when I have proof I cracked/bent aluminum ones and sit on the fenders for transfers in and out of my tub AT HOME. He literally told PT dont bother writing anything for my doctor to sign off on. Old one said lets try for it. Ironically Old DME was national chain. New one is a local place I had to go with due to insurance constraints. I have had bad experiences with all the DME possibilites in my area in the past measuring me for huge chairs but that was 12 years ago so hopefully those ATP's have moved on. (A 12 yr old in a 15" wide chair..come on!) But I know better now to have a voice and a say in this process rather than to just go with their expertise. Last couple chairs I bought online out of pocket cause the DME's are bad around here but I have to go the insurance route this time. Just not feeling confident in measuring my new size. My function and size was status quo for so long and now nothing will be the same cause my backrest and cushion are bothering my bottom and back too so I also have to change those. Attached is my excel sheet of comments and measurements. Help?!? Comments? Opinions?
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