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Thread: minivan ?

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    minivan ?

    how hard is the ramp to climb in a manual chair im t10 complete any input appreciated
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    If you go forward, it shouldn't difficult at all. Then you turn around in the minivan. My fellow crippy buddy drives a minivan and that's how I get in his, at least. I have no troubles I'm no T10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelin 48 View Post
    how hard is the ramp to climb in a manual chair im t10 complete any input appreciated
    There are several considerations.

    Are you considering an in floor ramp or a fold out ramp. In floor ramps offer a lower angles of the ramp than does the fold out ramp.

    Are you considering the van kneel feature to reduce the angle of the ramp. In round terms the ramp angle with power kneel off is about 11 degrees. With power kneel on, the ramp is about 8 degrees. In floor ramp lengths are about 60 inches.

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    I am a T9/T10 and have had a ramp van for the past 4 years. It is not terribly hard to go up the ramp, but don't expect to hold much (if anything in your lap). My first van was a fold out with kneeling. My second van is a slide out with kneeling. The slide out ramp is considerably shallower. As a visual, I have a 1 year old son and pick him up from daycare everyday. In my fold-out ramp, if I attempted to carry him in his car seat down the ramp on my lap, my rear wheels would lift off, causing me to tip forward, dumping him and myself. With the slide-out I have now, I can take him down the ramp without issue. I don't feel like i will tip at all.

    Since the fold out was steeper, I used the hand hold just inside the slider to finish propelling me into the van. I haven't had that need in the slide out and I don't have to lean forward nearly as far.

    I hope this helps, but feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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    a lady hit my car and her ins is willing to pay for van rental it would be a dodge caravan kneel system and fold out ramp
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    I know this isn't answering your question. But it's worthwhile mentioning. I went with a full size van so I could have a lift vs a ramp. If someone hits your car and it's totaled, you can remove the lift and install it into the next van. You can't do that with a minivan conversion.

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    Mama and I want to move from full size with lift to mini.
    We really like Toyota and Pacifica the best. Seems like infloor allows extra room in van but we are not sure on the manual backup hand crank to extend ramp. Maybe I have missed something but looks like have to be outside of van to reach that via siding door on driver's side. Is this correct?

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    Any chance you could try the ramp on a mini van before one is provided to you? I'm not SCI, but paralyzed from armpits down, and on my best days I really struggled to get up the 2 or 3 ramps I tried at dealership and friends who had them in their mini vans.
    If I'm correct, the ADA requirement for construction issues is 12:1, that is for every inch of height at entry, the ramp should be 12 feet long. Of course this is impossible for vans, but just suggesting that a ramp to a mini van definitely takes effort.

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    I’m looking to purchase a Minivan so this is a great conversation. Looking at specs it appears Braun and VMI are opposite.
    Braun fold outs are lower angle than their in floors and VMI is the opposite. I’m leaning toward Braun fold out Toyota Sienna with a transfer seat on the drivers side. My quandary is hand controls, I use Menox now and I’m really comfortable with them but I think they’ll be in the way for my legs with the xfer seat. I’d like to hear what others may use in a similar setup.
    I have PPMS and the ramp angle for me is big because I can tend to “plank out” when pushing up hill and go out the back.

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    I'm a C6-7 using a Honda Odyssey with an in-floor VMI conversion with kneeling. I don't have trouble rolling up the ramp on flat ground. If I park on a grade with the ramp side lower, it doesn't take much of a grade to make rolling up very difficult or impossible.

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