Nick M. T-10 incomplete para post 25 years Sales Manager at in Scottsdale Arizona. I am just venting and sharing at how appalled I am at the level of customer service or lack there of from other dme companies. I receive numerous calls each day from frustrated customers. With respect to receiving the incorrect wheelchair parts or incorrect catheters. Medical supplies are not a comfort and or convenience but a necessity for our every day lives. As a T-10 para I rely on my wheelchair for mobility and am in my chair minimum of 14 hours a day. This chair has to perform for me to do all my tasks. I also require the correct catheters and supplies to evacuate the urine for my body. As well as the correct wound care products for my sores. As the sales manager here at Please know customer service is out top priority. As well as delivery in a timely manner for medical supplies. Our typical order is delivered in 1 to 3 days after it's processed. As for our parts orders for wheelchairs. We always ask for the serial number off your wheelchair. We contact the manufacturer for a serial number inquiry. To assure your are receiving the correct parts. That's the way a business should be run it's what my customers demand. Yes this post also is a sales pitch. From a person who uses these same products. If your ever in a bind and need assistance with your medical supplies. Please don't hesitate to contact me direct. I love my job and helping individuals with products to assist them with their Independence. a company owned and operated by individuals with disabilities. Keep on rolling Nick M.